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NEIWPCC Training Catalogs and Information:

Operator Training Calendar - Please check our NEIWPCC/JETCC calendar below throughout the year for training designed to help you prepare for certification examinations or provide continuing education credits (TCHs) for license renewal. Most classes are approved for TCHs in CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, and VT.

Remote LearningNEW - Live, two- or three-hour mini-classes with TCHs approved in CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, and VT..

JETCC Training – Course descriptions & online registration for the state of Maine

Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Training – "MWOT" municipal and industrial wastewater exam prep classes and recommended course guidance.

Wet Weather Operations Course – A NEIWPCC online course approved for 10 TCHs in MA, ME, NH, NY, and RI.

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4/5/2222S-MA0800 Basic Municipal Wastewater - Introduction to Wastewater Laboratory (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/6/2222S-ETC1929 Advanced WWTF Process Troubleshooting (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/7/2222S-ETC1927 Basic Nutrients: Denitrification (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/7/22J2224 Wastewater Sampling (3 Hours)OnlineJETCC
4/12/2222S-MA0801 Basic Municipal Wastewater - Solids Handling (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/13/2222S-MA0802 Advanced Industrial Wastewater - Treatment Processes (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/14/22J2225 Math Made Manageable (3 Hours)OnlineJETCC
4/19/2222S-MA0803 Basic Municipal Wastewater - Disinfection (2 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/20/2222S-MA0804 Advanced Industrial Wastewater - Metals Treatment Processes (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/21/2222S-MA0805 Laboratory Analyses - pH and Total Residual Chlorine (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/26/2222S-MA0806 Intermediate Wastewater Math (Session 1) (2 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/27/2222S-MA0807 Massachusetts Wastewater Regulations and Certification Overview (2 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/28/2222S-MA0808 Laboratory Analyses - Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Dissolved Oxygen (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
4/28/22J2226 Industrial Treatment and Pretreatment Overview (3 Hours)OnlineJETCC
5/3/2222S-MA0809 Intermediate Wastewater Math (Session 2) (2 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/4/2222S-MA0822 Basic Industrial Wastewater - pH Neutralization (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/5/2222S-ETC1928 Basic Nutrients: Phosphorus Removal (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/10/2222S-MA0810 Advanced Municipal Wastewater - Treatment Technologies (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/11/2222S-MA0811 Advanced Wastewater Safety (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/12/22J2227 Wastewater Pathogens (3 hours)OnlineJETCC
5/17/2222S-MA0812 Advanced Municipal Wastewater - Process Control & Troubleshooting (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/18/2222S-ETC1930 New Manager Fundamentals (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/19/2222S-MA0813 Laboratory Analyses - Bacteria (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/24/2222S-MA0814 Advanced Municipal Wastewater - Activated Sludge (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/26/2222S-MA0815 Laboratory Analyses - Solids (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/31/2222S-MA0816 Advanced Municipal Wastewater - Biological Nutrient Removal (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/1/2222S-MA0817 Advanced Pumps and Hydraulics (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/2/2222S-ETC1937 Evaluating and Optimizing ClarifiersOnlineNEIWPCC
6/7/22J2228 EPA Discharge Monitoring Report-Quality Assurance Study (2 hours)OnlineJETCC
6/7/2222S-MA0818 Advanced Municipal Wastewater - Solids Handling (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/8/2222S-MA0819 Electricity, Motors, & Horsepower (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/9/2222S-ETC1936 Brewery Wastewater - Pre-treatment, BMPs & Optimization (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/14/2222S-MA0820 Advanced Municipal Wastewater - Administration, Management, & Finance (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/15/2222S-ETC1931 Leadership 101: How to Motivate & Engage Staff (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/16/2222S-MA0821 Advanced Wastewater Sampling, Laboratory, & Microbiology (3 hrs)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/23/22NEWEA Collection Systems Certification Exam Math Primer (3hrs) (22S-ETC1938)OnlineNEIWPCC
6/27/22 - 6/30/22NEWEA Collection Systems Certification Exam Prep - Grades 1 thru 4 (Four Sessions)(12h) (22S-ETC1939OnlineNEIWPCC
7/19/22J2229 Wastewater 101 (3 hours)OnlineJETCC


4/26/22 - 5/24/22Basic Wastewater Treatment (30 hrs) (22S-ETC1934)
Scout Hall, East Windsor, CT
4/28/22 - 5/26/22Preparing for the Class III and Class IV Certification Exam (30 hrs) (22S-ETC1935)
Scout Hall, East Windsor, CT