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Remote LearningNEW - Live, two- or three-hour mini-classes with TCHs approved in CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, and VT..

NEIWPCC Training – New England & New York-wide

JETCC Training – Course descriptions & online registration for the state of Maine

Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Training – "MWOT" municipal and industrial wastewater exam prep classes and recommended course guidance.

NEWEA Certification Exam – Information for voluntary certifications for Collection Systems and Laboratory Practices.

Wet Weather Operations Course – A NEIWPCC online course approved for 10 TCHs in MA, ME, NH, and NY.

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9/8/20Intro to Municipal Wastewater TreatmentOnline NEIWPCC
9/9/20Intro to Industrial Wastewater TreatmentOnline NEIWPCC
9/10/20Wastewater Centrifugal Pumps 101Online NEIWPCC
9/15/20Massachusetts Wastewater Regulations and Certification OverviewOnline NEIWPCC
9/16/20Wastewater Basic Math (Session 1)Online NEIWPCC
9/17/20Wastewater Centrifugal Pumps 201Online NEIWPCC
9/22/20Collection Systems 101Online NEIWPCC
9/23/20Wastewater Basic Math (Session 2)Online NEIWPCC
9/24/20Water Quality and Effluent Limitations for Wastewater Treatment NPDES PermittingOnline NEIWPCC
9/29/20Collection Systems 201Online NEIWPCC
9/30/20Wastewater Basic Math (Session 3)Online NEIWPCC
10/1/20Sampling Techniques and Chain of Custody for a Wastewater Treatment FacilityOnline NEIWPCC
10/6/20Municipal Wastewater - Preliminary and Primary TreatmentOnline NEIWPCC
10/7/20Industrial Wastewater - Characteristics/ChemistryOnline NEIWPCC
10/8/20Laboratory Analyses - pH and Total Residual ChlorineOnline NEIWPCC
10/13/20Activated Sludge ProcessesOnline NEIWPCC
10/14/20Industrial Wastewater - Physical Chemical TreatmentOnline NEIWPCC
10/15/20Laboratory Analyses - Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Dissolved OxygenOnline NEIWPCC
10/20/20Introduction to MicrobiologyOnline NEIWPCC
10/21/20Introduction to Wastewater Laboratory Online NEIWPCC
10/21/20Activated Sludge & Secondary Clarifier Operation; Using State Point AnalysisOnline NEIWPCC
10/22/20Laboratory Analyses - SolidsOnline NEIWPCC
10/26/20Applied Wastewater Math (Session 1)Online NEIWPCC
10/27/20Municipal Wastewater - DisinfectionOnline NEIWPCC
10/28/20Industrial Wastewater - Solids Handling and FiltrationOnline NEIWPCC
10/29/20Laboratory Analyses - BacteriaOnline NEIWPCC
11/3/20Applied Wastewater Math (Session 2)Online NEIWPCC
11/4/20Activated Sludge NitrificationOnline NEIWPCC
11/4/20Wastewater SafetyOnline NEIWPCC
11/10/20Municipal Wastewater - Solids HandlingOnline NEIWPCC
11/18/20Activated Sludge Denitrification and Total Nitrogen RemovalOnline NEIWPCC
11/18/20Building Resilience to Extreme Weather Events
Online EPA
12/2/20Chemical and Biological Phosphorus RemovalOnline NEIWPCC
12/3/20CT Managers Forum - Save the Date!



9/29/20JETCC Maine's Extended Disinfection SeasonOnline JETCC
10/7/20JETCC Creating a Strong Virtual Workforce (J2101) Online JETCC
10/22/20JETCC Math Made Manageable (J2102) Online JETCC
10/27/20JETCC Creating Good SOPs for O&M Manuals (J2108)Online JETCC
11/5/20JETCC Chemistry Basics Part 1 (J2106) Online JETCC
11/10/20JETCC Chemistry Basics Part 2 Online JETCC
11/17/20JETCC BOD Basics (J2103)Online JETCC
11/19/20JETCC Activated Sludge Operational Control (J2104)Online JETCC
12/15/20JETCC Creating a Fats Oils Grease Program (J2105 )Online JETCC


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