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NEIWPCC Training Catalogs and Information:

Operator Training Calendar - Please check our NEIWPCC/JETCC calendar below throughout the year for training designed to help you prepare for certification examinations or provide continuing education credits (TCHs) for license renewal. Most classes are approved for TCHs in CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, and VT.

Remote LearningNEW - Live, two- or three-hour mini-classes with TCHs approved in CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, and VT..

JETCC Training – Course descriptions & online registration for the state of Maine

Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Training – "MWOT" municipal and industrial wastewater exam prep classes and recommended course guidance.

Wet Weather Operations Course – A NEIWPCC online course approved for 10 TCHs in MA, ME, NH, NY, and RI.

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5/3/21Intermediate Wastewater Math (Session 1) (21S-ETC1879)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/4/21Introduction to Microbiology (21S-MA0721)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/5/21Basic Industrial Wastewater - Physical Chemical Treatment (21S-MA0722)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/6/21Laboratory Analyses - Solids (21S-MA0723)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/10/21Intermediate Wastewater Math (Session 2) (21S-ETC1880)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/11/21Basic Municipal Wastewater - Disinfection (21S-MA0724)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/12/21Basic Industrial Wastewater - Solids Handling and Filtration (21S-MA0725)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/13/21Laboratory Analyses - Bacteria (21S-MA0726)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/13/21WW Biomass Enhancement and Bioaugmentation (J2128)OnlineJETCC
5/18/21Basic Municipal Wastewater - Solids Handling (21S-MA0727)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/19/2121S-ETC1884 Activated Sludge & Secondary Clarifier Operation; Using State Point Analysis (3 hrs)ONLINENEIWPCC
5/20/21Basic Wastewater Safety (21S-ETC1881)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/25/21Introduction to Wastewater Laboratory (21S-MA0728)OnlineNEIWPCC
5/26/21Activated Sludge Nitrification (21S-ETC1885)ONLINENEIWPCC
5/27/21Wastewater Microscopy Basics (21S-ETC1883)ONLINENEIWPCC
5/27/21Disinfection Alternatives & Maine's Extended Disinfection Season (J2129)OnlineJETCC
6/2/21Activated Sludge Denitrification and Total Nitrogen Removal (21S-ETC1886)ONLINENEIWPCC
6/3/21Activated Sludge: Filamentous Organisms (21S-ETC1888)ONLINENEIWPCC
6/10/21Introduction to Massachusetts Bid and Procurement Laws (21S-ETC1890)ONLINENEIWPCC
6/16/21Chemical and Biological Phosphorus Removal (21S-ETC1887)ONLINENEIWPCC
6/17/21Risk Assessment, Resiliency Planning, & Emergency Preparedness for Water & Wastewater Utilities ONLINENEIWPCC
6/23/21Introduction to Massachusetts Contract Administration (21S-ETC1891)ONLINENEIWPCC
6/24/21Wastewater Sampling and Epidemiology BC (Before COVID) (J2130)OnlineJETCC
7/14/21Fundamentals of High-Strength Brewery Wastewater (21F-ETC1896)OnlineNEIWPCC
7/21/21Municipal Infrastructure Cybersecurity Basics (21F-ETC1897)OnlineNEIWPCC




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