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This search tool is provided to allow employers and/or licensed wastewater Operators to search a recent "snapshot" listing from the database of approved Massachusetts wastewater treatment plant Operators. You may search based on Last Name, Home State, Town, or by Status/Grade. The data in this listing is current as of May 5th, 2021. and will be periodically updated.

If you have any questions, please contact NEIWPCC at 978-323-7929 (x 105) or by email at

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Wastewater Operators (5209 Found)


NameTownStateCertificationStatusField StatusExpiration
Aalto, Leonard WDracutMA95122-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abban, Patrick BurlingtonMA170762-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abbott, Derek RTauntonMA129592-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abely, Brian LymeCT109773-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abner, Michael SScituateMA172412-M OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abramczyk, Marek CHICOPEEMA162022-I OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abramowicz, John CHICOPEEMA157342-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abreu, Jose EFitchburgMA154432-I FULL/4-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abreu, Warren LNew BedfordMA10737-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Abromowich, Kenneth CEVERETTMA157674-I OT 10/2015ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Acaba, Lucas GROTONMA191494-I OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Acheson, John EPPING NH184612-I NMI-PACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ackerley, Kevin West NewtonMA113632-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Acosta, Jesus FRAMINGHAMMA191551-I OT/3-M OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Adams, Brendan EasthamMA115854-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Adams, David MCAMBRIDGEMA162542-I W&IINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Adams, II, Donald ENorth HavenCT178953-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Adams, Otis ROrangeMA133803-I FULL/5-C OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Addivinola, Paul GEast BostonMA71986-C OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Adusumilli, Lalitha SharonMA153352-I FullACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Agnew, Tim PEPPERELLMA182873-M OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ahern, Marc TNORTHAMPTONMA156621-I FullACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aho, Steven RRindgeNH68074-I OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ahola, James MAdamsMA31336-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aichelmann, Richard GCambridgeMA19966-C OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aiesi, Frank JWilmingtonMA134322-I FullACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Airasian, Andrew LWATERTOWNMA181714-I WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Albano, Michael SandownNH166071-I FULL/1-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alberice, Michael Oak BluffsMA173146-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Albert, Frederick RWestminsterMA130515-C WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Albert, Roger PBeverlyMA65143-I OT 1/94INACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Albro, Henry SW. TownsendMA15797-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alce, Walter Ravel HAVERHILL MA180317-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alcione, Andrew WinchesterMA77622-M FULL, 3-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aldabeh, Brian WeymouthMA184232-I OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alden, Christopher SFoxboroMA135872-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aldrich, Jeffrey SWinchendonMA71827-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alessandro, Gregory JBraintreeMA35794-M OTINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alex, Craig JGraftonMA138424-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alexandre, Nelson METHUENMA174715-C OT 5/2019ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alferes, Aaron GFAIRHAVENMA189624-M OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alfone, Wayne PLYMOUTHMA175532-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allain, Mark APeabodyMA23817-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allard, Drew STURBRIDGEMA189062-M OT/4-M OT/6-C OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allard, Elizabeth LeominsterMA118225-CINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allen, Christopher GLEOMINSTERMA190982-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allen, Dave Woodstock ValleyCT110383-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allen, Keith WORCESTERMA190541-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allen, Michael PLowellMA163563-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allen, Philip CNANTUCKETMA175507-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allen, William BostonMA92566-C OT/OE, 4-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Allessio, Ricci MPITTSFIELDMA189975-C OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Almeida, Luke TBarringtonRI161372-I OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Almeida, Ronald EEmmettID81294-I OT/OEINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Almeida, Theresa MNew BedfordMA35807-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Almond, Derrick AQuincyMA169782-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alosso, Joseph NTerryvilleCT35817-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alt, Glen CBarreMA77645-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Altonian, Tyler CPAWTUCKETRI186432-I WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alvarez, Israel MedfordMA179794-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alvarez, Noe MedfordMA135412-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alves, John TMilfordMA139023-M FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Alzaben, Isam MQUINCYMA166371-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Amado, Peter NHansonMA87492-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Amaral, Charles JDightonMA65225-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Amaral, Larry JTauntonMA25977-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ambrose, Ryan MIDDLEBOROMA188044-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ambrosini, Louis PeabodyMA121354-M FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Amico, Alex LynnMA178733-M WI/ 1-I WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Amidon, Brian MPittsfieldMA30577-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Amidon, Gregory JCLINTONMA161301-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Amirault, Michael DRaymondNH163342-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anagnos, Alexander PManchesterNH127112-I WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ananian, David MWALTHAMMA176332-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anchukaitis, Brett WrenthamMA188632-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Dennis MAtholMA166152-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Doug SterlingMA85211-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Eric PEABODYMA184582-I NMI-JACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Eric SNorwoodMA128873-I OT/OEINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, George HRocklandMA72022-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Glenn BridgewaterMA104106-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Ian MerrimackNH160117-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Isaac WANDOVERMA176212-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Jr., Michael KHULLMA192741-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Paul FForestdaleMA128124-M OT/OEINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Ronald SaugusMA117161-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Sarun TLOWELLMA186322-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Anderson, Sean PCentervilleMA137664-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrade, Devin BrocktonMA163453-M WI/2-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrade , Hartmut RWest WarehamMA155495-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrade, Herman GNorth ReadingMA125591-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrade, Paul Fall RiverMA97127-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrade, Robert AWestfordMA151512-I OT 2/2010ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrade, Tomas ASouth DatmouthMA22757-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrews, Darren JNorfolkMA97133-I FULL/4-I OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrukonis, Stanley GranbyMA112964-M OT  10/05INACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Andrzejewski, Jr., Walter MAdamsMA126422-I OT/OEINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Angland, Michael SCITUATEMA175513-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
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