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This search tool is provided to allow employers and/or licensed wastewater Operators to search a recent "snapshot" listing from the database of approved Massachusetts wastewater treatment plant Operators. You may search based on Last Name, Home State, Town, or by Status/Grade. The data in this listing is current as of May 5th, 2021. and will be periodically updated.

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Wastewater Operators (5209 Found)


NameTownStateCertificationStatusField StatusExpiration
Ankstitus, Robert JPlymouthMA103942-I OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Annachie, Drey ANew BedfordMA122315-CACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Annand, Tamarah AAshlandMA138712-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ansart, Sr., James MBrattleboroVt25236-C WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ante, Ray VUxbridgeMA72052-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Antonellis, Stephen JWinthropMA176182-I OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Appiah, Eugene WorcesterMA179801-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Applegate, Gary LSouthbridgeMA156313-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aprea, John W BarnstableMA116175-C FullACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aquadro, Alex DouglasMA173252-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aquino, Paul RUTLANDMA179362-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Araszkiewicz, Stanley DDracutMA77663-I NMI - PlantINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Araujo, Colby RNEW BEDFORDMA167103-M OT 10/2016ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arcand, Paul DDracutMA21527-C OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Archambault, Dean APittsfieldMA132152-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Archambault, Ray BRIMFIELDMA179201-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Archibald, Jr., William AWeymouthMa108274-M OT 11/01INACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arcuri, David SuttonMA168132-I OT 08/2014INACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arden, Jr., John EChelmsfordMA31095-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Armour, Thomas JMarlboroMA13403R3-MINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Armstrong, Matthew MarshfieldMA187153-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arnold, Frank DEast FreetownMA07447-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arnold, Michael JEast FreetownMA27437-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aro, Craig JAshburnhamMA138871-I OT 11/08ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aronian, Paul FoxboroMA92584-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arruda, Denis CharltonMA108082-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arruda, John CSouth DartmouthMA68102-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arruda, Robert WNew BedfordMA65286-CACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arsenault, John PLeominsterMA81352-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arthur, James DMont VernonNH104174-M FULL, 5-C OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Arthur, John HChelmsfordMA12297-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ashley, Kevin ChicopeeMA171142-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Askins, William HPlymouthMA131612-I WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Asnes, Howard PMansfieldMA95156-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Astphan, Peter CHARLTONMA160792-I OT NMI JACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Atallah, George SalemNH184854-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Atchue, Michael TWhitinsvilleMA99252-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Athens, George TLexingtonMA48552-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Atkinson, Ryan  SBraintreeMA164976-C OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Attardi, Jr., Joseph PMethuenMA68124-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Atwell, James RBECKETMA165993-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aubin, David WORCESTERMA188201-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Auclair, Paul FMillburyMA12307-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aucoin, Mark RBillericaMA137372-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Audet, Louis PFall RiverMA99367-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Auge, Thomas PPittsfieldMA89997-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Auger, Christopher MPeabodyMA162041-I OT-NMIACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
August, Christopher JWoburnMA193002-I OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Auld, Jeremy PMONSONMA158302-I OT 1/2013ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Averill, David EasthamptonMA168035-C OT/OEINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Avery, Paul SBrewsterMA131935-C OT 07/07ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Avila, Jorge WMethuenMA97156-C WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aviles, Antonio New BedfordMA165005-C NMI-PACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Avitable, Deborah JPocassetMA90014-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ayala, Guillermo ECHELSEAMA175542-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Azevedo, Thomas Fall RiverMA26807-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Aziz, David ANorthwoodNH135723-I FullACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bach, Jr., Robert VDartmouthMA111914-I  OT 11/04ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bacon, George AyerMA90026-C WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Badger, Stephen HudsonNH09047-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baglini, Jr., Robert MNorth DightonMA127686-C WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bailey, Alexandra CAMBRIDGEMA193662-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baird, William EscituateMA99392-I OT/OEINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bairos, Harry WHITMANMA161521-I OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bajor, Peter JMethuenMA13477-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bakas, George SMiddleboroMA133025-C WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baker, Andrew ValatieNY27372INACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baker, Derek Fall RiverMA27245-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baker, Jr., Fredrick HSouthamptonMA65312-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baker, Thomas WNorth AttleboroMA49636-C OT/OE,  5-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baker, Travus MarlboroMA187323-M WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bakey, Timothy JMelroseMA137832-I OT/OEINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Balathunis, Timothy PChicopeeMA176062-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Balazs, Mark MSan Diego,CA24384 WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baldi, Andrew BILLERICA MA184642-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baldwin, John CDARTMOUTHMA180282-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ballard, Shawn ELeominsterMA158253-I FULL/5-C WIACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Ballentine, Gerald PWest BoylstonMA34657-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Balthaser, Rickey BARREMA173032-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Balzano, Anthony GMedfordMA62364-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bamber, Scott PalmerMA99412-M OT 9/99ACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bamber, Sean DPALMERMA168352-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Banas, Carl FWAREMA171411-I FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Banda, David BillericaMA118582-I  FULL/4-M OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bangma, Todd SUxbridgeMA62373-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Banks, Richard ABINGTONMA190992-I WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Banville, Maurice PLYMOUTHMA176821-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Banzi, Michelle JHalifaxMA104375-C FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baranowsky, John SudburyMA123596-C OT/OEACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baransky, Daniel GMilfordNJ35507-C FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Baratta, Noel DTewksburyMA19236-C WIINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Barcsansky, Robert LMadisonOH116974-M FULLINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Bardakh, Leonid DedhamMA170772-I FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Barillot, Brendan ABINGTONMA164814-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Barlow, Lee JFairhavenMA138474-M FULLACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Barman, Evan CHaverhillMA153424-I OT/OEINACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Barnes, Jeffrey EOrleansMA152754-M NMI-JACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
Barnes, Richard LBYFIELDMA193874-M OTACTIVE IN FIELD12/31/2021
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